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Is your website optimised for Windows new browser, Edge?

This week Microsoft officially launches Windows 10, the brand’s newest operating platform which proceeds Windows 8. One of the most significant changes with this version of the OS is a new browser which replaces ‘Internet Explorer’ as over the years the browser has gained a bad reputation.

The new browser, which will be known as ‘Microsoft Edge’ come’s with a completely new look and packed with new features.

Amongst a new in-built reader which allows the user to enjoy articles in a distraction-free layout and the ability to easily mark-up and share web pages with your own comments and doodles, we are also promised a much faster browsing experience.

However for those with existing websites, you’ll know that historically with each new version of Internet Explorer that’s been released, some of the functionality would stop working or some of the design elements would stop rendering properly.

Websites that are compatible with the latest version of Internet Explorer (IE11) will still be viewable in ‘Edge’, however, you’d be advised to have your website checked out with the latest browser.

If you’d like us to review your website with ‘Edge’ send us a link to your website to hello@mercury-web.co.uk and we’ll happily review it free of charge.